Stair tread inserts are a great way to improve the safety of a residential or commercial environment. Placing inserts helps create additional grip for the person using the steps. These inserts are also a vital aspect of workplace safety and health. This is crucial not just from the business’ viewpoint but also for those working and visiting the property.


If your commercial space has concrete, timber, or even steel stairs, it’s important that you focus on the safety aspect in the workplace. These stairs can sometimes be very dangerous to use and can become quite slippery as well. These materials don’t always provide the right amount of traction which poses a danger to anyone using them.


Installing stair tread inserts is in the interests of the wellbeing of your staff. But it’s also one of the ways to ensure you don’t get embroiled in workplace accident-related litigations. In addition to being perfect for industrial and commercial settings, RBM Plastic Extrusions Pty Ltd’sstair tread inserts are also perfect for movie halls, shopping centres,and schools.


Stair Treads That Glow-In-The-Dark


We also have stair treads that glow in the dark. These are a good option for everyday use or during powercuts. They are an excellent safety accessory because they absorb light during the day and glow in the dark. They are durable and non-slip features that are suitable for installation in office buildings, lecture halls, auditoriums and movie theatres as well.


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