Custom Profile Extrusions

Plastic and Santoprene Extrusions

Plastic Extrusion is the process of which raw plastic is melted and pushed through a die to form a continuous profile. RBM Plastics has been extruding for over 50 years for wide range of applications and industries, cementing our place as a leading innovator in the Plastic industry.

RBM Plastics manufacture over 5,000 different extruded profiles and tubes, which are used in many industries. We are able to manufacture our profiles from a range of polymers to suit specific applications. We are continually investing in the latest technology so we can provide up to date production facilities for our clients.

Are you in search of premium quality Australian made plastic or santoprene extrusions? RBM Plastics is your one stop source for customisable solutions. We deliver step-by-step solutions to ensure you easily achieve the desired end result. Our team will be there from the initial concept all the way through to product delivery to offer unparalleled service, superior quality, and unbeatable results. With products for a wide range of applications and industries, RBM Plastics is here to assist in the creation of custom solutions for the unique demands of your business.

Innovative Solutions from the Industry Leader

At RBM Plastics, we are known as a leading innovator in the industry. Our unparalleled performance and versatility is second to none – making it easy to find the custom solutions you need for your business.

RBM Plastics offers advanced solutions – meaning you can easily find plastic extrusions for the most difficult technical profiles.

We utilise only the highest quality materials, including:

  • Polycarbonate
  • EVA
  • Santoprene
  • ABS
  • LED Acrylic, or Acrylics
  • Low, Medium, or High Density Polyethylene
  • Rigid, Flexible, or Foamed PVC
  • ABS
  • Nylon and Glass Filled Nylon
  • and more…

Our goal is to provide products with multiple functions – allowing you to get more for your investment.

Acrylic LED Lighting Diffusers

At RBM Plastics, you’ll find a wide range of premium quality extruded plastics & tubes, compounds, extrusions and more. With our focus on quality control, you can guarantee that you’ll have the best results when you choose us. When in search of Acrylic Lighting Diffusers, we have a comprehensive collection of customisable options suitable for various applications. By keeping up with the latest lighting technologies, we’re able to deliver superior solutions to help you improve your business.

Quality Lighting Solutions from RBM Plastics

When you purchase from RBM Plastics, you’ll find suitable solutions for a wide range of applications. We are able to customise our products, you will be able to easily achieve your business goals.

In optics, a diffuser is any device that diffuses, spreads out or scatters light in some manner. At RBM Plastics we manufacture a high quality Acrylic Light Diffuser for use in both commercial and retail lighting fixtures.

Acrylic is a high quality alternative to glass, making it the perfect substitute for Lighting Fixtures. We offer innovative, dynamic lighting solutions – tailor made for your needs. The team at RBM Plastics is always researching the latest lighting technologies, so that we are able to deliver superior solutions to help you improve your business.

We have manufactured and still manufacture lighting diffusers that have been used in the following areas:

  • Boutiques
  • Beauty Salons
  • Clinics
  • Computer Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Natural Lighting
  • Offices
  • Retail Areas
  • Schools
  • Sky Light Domes
  • Supermarkets
  • Testing Areas
  • Universities
  • And more

Co-Extruded Plastic Extrusions

A Co-Extruded Plastic is one in which two or more materials have been processed through the same die in order to create a single piece of extruded plastic.

Customers tend to choose Co-Extruded Plastics when a single polymer cannot meet all demands of the application. An advantage of using a Co-Extruded Profile is that each material used in the product maintains their individual characteristic properties.

​When you are looking for quality co-extruded plastic extrusions, look no further than RBM Plastics. We focus on quality when it comes to our products, which means that you won’t be let down. There is no secret why the Sydney area turns to us for their Plastic Extrusion needs.

What to Expect From Our Co-Extruded Plastic Extrusions

When you choose our Co-Extruded Plastic Extrusions, our team can guarantee that you will get the highest quality product in the area. We offer a full scope of design and manufacturing capabilities, which allows us to offer many options to our clients. We are committed to customer satisfaction, which means that you will get exactly what you are looking for each and every time you do business with us.

Here at RBM Plastics, we have a team of knowledgeable employees who can work with the customer to produce the best profile suited to the application; as the process of Co-Extruding plastic is constantly evolving, our team can help you find a solution for your desired application.

Co-Extruded plastics are used in the following industries:

  • Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Building and Construction
  • Window Glazing

Flooring Accessories

Vinyl Flooring Accessories

RBM Plastics manufacture a wide range of quality vinyl flooring accessories for use in the flooring and building industries.

We stock a complete range of accessory products such as:

  • Feather Edge Skirting
  • Flat Skirting
  • Edge Cap & Commercial Edge Cap
  • Cove Fillet
  • Tile Trim
  • Wall Capping
  • Carpet Reducer
  • Vinyl Reducer
  • Vinyl Stop
  • Span Strip
  • Ramp It
  • Wall Tile Edging
  • Stair Stringer
  • Matt Edging
  • Stair Inserts & Stair Nosing
  • Scotia
  • H & J Mould

RBM Plastics products are manufactured in Australia from high quality materials. Our flooring accessory products can also be coloured matched to suit your requirements

Stair Tread Inserts

Stair Tread inserts are used to create a safer working or living environment. Placing an insert onto a step helps to create extra grip for the end user.

Stair tread inserts are an important part of workplace health and safety. Workplace safety is of vital importance not only for the business but also for the employees at a business. If your business has steel, timber, or concrete stairs then you are going to need to make sure that you go that extra distance to ensure your workers’ safety. There can be times when these kinds of stairs are dangerous to use. For example during wet weather conditions these stairs can become slippery and dangerous so it’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure workers’ safety when using them.

Stair Tread inserts are also used in environments such as Schools, Shopping Centres and Movie Cinemas for added grip.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the Dark stair treads give the option of a safer way to move around during power cuts or just for everyday use. These are the perfect safety accessory for your home as they absorb any light source during the day and then glow in the darkness. These non-slip, durable treads are also ideal for places such as movie theatres, auditoriums, office buildings and lecture halls.


Refrigeration Gaskets and Magnet Profiles

RBM Plastics have been producing a wide range of Refrigeration Gaskets and Magnet Profiles for many years. With our in house compounding facilities we have tailored the gasket formulation to optimise the performance in the many varied applications. We are not only able to manufacture gaskets for commercial use, but also have the ability to supply single gaskets to the market.

​With every Gasket profile that is manufactured at RBM Plastics the corresponding magnet profile is also available. This ensures that the packaged deal is sure to fit. We manufacture the entire magnet profile range that is used in the in-house gaskets, so you know the gasket that you purchase from RBM Plastics is 100% Australian manufactured, with the quality that comes with it.

The associated magnetic strip uses the same specially formulated compound used in the European market. We extrude a wide range of magnetic strip profile using specialised techniques

In 2003, RBM Plastics acquired K-Weld Manufacturing, hence becoming one of the largest Refrigerator Door Gasket manufacturers in Australia.

For many years, RBM Plastic Extrusions have been a key supplier to OEM’s both in Australia and overseas. Our expertise and attention to detail for the gasket market is unsurpassed. As well as the supply of extruded gasket or magnet profile, we can also custom weld gaskets to your specification.

Marine Products

Jetty and Marine Fenders

RBM Plastics manufacture a wide range of Jetty and Marine Fenders to suit most applications. Our marine Fenders are made from a specially formulated soft polymer that is hard wearing and durable, but gentle on your boat, offering the customer maximum protection for your investment.

RBM Plastics Fenders are simple and effective, they are designed for easy fixing to your vessel, jetty or pylon. Our fenders are coloured white for high visibility in all conditions, although we are also able to manufacture in many colours and can colour match to the customers needs.

To avoid the hardening and cracking that occurs with prolonged exposure to the sun, RBM Plastics Fenders are UV stabilised for a longer life.

You will also be pleasantly surprised to find that RBM Plastics fenders cost less than rubber whilst offering better performance characteristics.

Boat Gunwale

RBM Plastics manufacture a range of Boat Gunwale to suit all types of boats from an aluminium runabout to a large cruiser

Our gunwale is made from long lasting PVC, which is also UV stabilised for a longer life.

Plastic Edge Protection

RBM Plastics manufacture Plastic Protection Edging, used with products such as furniture and in the transportation of goods (also known as a Pallet Angle).

Our plastic edge protection profile incorporates durable plastic and an ergonomic design so that the profile works efficiently to protect your investment.

RBM Plastics also manufacture Plastic Pallet Angle for the protection and transportation of goods

This polypropylene profile is able to be used as a bumper guard for items being tied down or stacked to make sure the product isn’t damaged in the process.

RBM Plastics is able to work with the customer in creating a solution for their idea. Our sales staff have been in the business for quite some time and are very knowledgeable when it comes to suggesting different materials and designs for the customers needs.

Pool Hose

RBM Plastic Extrusions manufacture two different size pool hose tubes. Our corrugated pool hoses are manufactured with a high quality blended plastic, and are UV stabilised to protect them against the harsh summer sun. The corrugated design of the hose allows for greater flexibility as well as adding to the durability and strength of the hose.

RBM Plastics provide the customer with the hose and the fittings to be able to install straight away. RBM Plastics supply hoses to many pool shops and outlets, We are more than happy to point you in the right direction if needed.

At RBM Plastic Extrusions, we understand how important it is to you to have pool hose of the highest quality. That’s why we use only the finest raw materials and the most modern manufacturing techniques to produce items that are second to none.

Solar Pool Heating

The RBM Plastics Solar Collector Pool Heating offers a cost effective and environmentally conscious way to heat your pool without using Gas heating or a heat pump.

Solar Pool heating lets the customer swim for longer during the day and more days out of the year. The smallest bit of sun can help heat the collector and in turn heat the water pumping through your pool, even on cloudy days.

The RBM Plastics Solar collector is treated with a UV Stabilizer in order to protect the product from the elements while heating your pool.

The Solar collector will connect to any existing pump and filter that is on your pool, RBM manufactures this product for a number of different companies around Australia. If you are unsure of what you need or who to contact, give us a call and one of our sales team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


Clear Vinyl Tubing

RBM Plastics Clear Vinyl Tube is a lightweight clear tubing and is extremely flexible. The tube has a smooth interior and exterior that prevents residue build-up and makes it resistant to bacterial action. This type of clear flexible tube is widely used in the food & beverage, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The tubes are made of different materials in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colours. As everything is done in house here at RBM Plastics, we are able to custom manufacture the tubes in a design that is suitable to the application you are going to use them for.

Our tubing is suitable for use with water, alcohol, oils and most solvents. We manufacture our tubing to comply with Australian Standard Codes and are able to manufacture both Food Grade and Medical Grade Clear Vinyl Tube.

Corrugated Tube

RBM Plastics currently manufacture corrugated tubing using both low-density polyethylene and nylon. Our goal with these is to give our customers better and varying options depending on the nature of their projects. In addition, buyers can choose between split and un-split tubing for their use. We are also manufacture high quality pool hoses that are currently used by dozens of homes across the country.

Our corrugated tubing happens to be in high demand mainly because it is currently used in an array of industries across the country. In order to cater to this growing and varying demand our tubing is now available in various off the shelf sizes and coil lengths.

At RBM Plastics, we are known for our high-quality yet competitively priced corrugated tubing. We are experts with plastics and our family-owned business is all about providing our clients exactly what they want. Customised solutions are what we are all about.

Whether coated or lined, corrugated tubing is used in many industries, the tubing lends itself to a wide variety of applications in functions that require flexibility, durability and strength. They are used very commonly in drainage. With many uses in building, construction, packaging and signage industries. Our split corrugated tube is popular with electricians as wires can be bundled together inside the tube giving the work area a neater look.

Gas Monitoring Tube

The RBM Plastics Gas Monitoring Tube helps with testing Air Quality in any given environment. The tube is used in conjunction with a Gas Detection System and help with extracting, filtering and drying atmospheric samples.

Currently, the tubing is used heavily in the mining industry to test the undergroud air quality. The RBM Plastics Gas Monitoring tube is available as a single tube (in many colours) or in a bundled system.

The tube system help to effectively detect and measure the presence of Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Methane levels in a mine, this allows the company to classify any potential dangers before they happen.

Window Setting Blocks

RBM Plastics manufacture a wide range of glazing channels and setting blocks for the installation and maintenance of glass panels.

A setting block is used as a cushion for the glass panel as well as helping to stabilize the glass. Glaziers use setting blocks to help center the glass sheet during the installation process.

The RBM Plastics Window Setting Blocks also provide an extra element of protection for your glass sheeting. Frameless glass panels benefit from having the window setting block as this helps to absorb shock during installation. Window setting blocks also help with any variances in height of glass paneling.

We understand how important window setting blocks are to you. They help prevent the glass planes from cracking, and maintain the integrity of the glazing bead. This is why we manufacture blocks to the highest specifications using top quality raw materials.

We can satisfy any requirements you may have and deliver a quality, economical solution to your problems.