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PVC Compound

During the 1980’s RBM saw an opportunity to expand our business from the Customer Profile Extrusion area and move into Custom PVC Compound, installing three Flexible PVC Compounding Machines.

In 2018 we expanded this part of business installing two new Compounding Machines, allowing RBM to start servicing the Rigid PVC Market as well.

Our PVC Compound Division utilizes bulk handling & PLC Controlled Batching systems for the mixing of the material, allowing for repetitive quality to be achieved over numerous batches. This, coupled with our equipment, allows for us to be one of the most reliable and reputable PVC Compounders for the Australian market.

Flexible PVC Compounds

RBM currently has four Compounding machines dedicated to Flexible PVC Compound. We are able to produce quantities from 100kgs, all the way up to the tens of thousands of kgs, depending on customers’ requirements.

In 2018 we installed a new PVC Compound line for production of flexible PVC, that has the ability to produce 50 tonnes per day on the one machine. Utilizing state of the art manufacturing equipment which is extremely energy efficient, coupled with an automated batching system, we are able to generate these types of volumes with minimal labour input.

Rigid PVC (uPVC) Compound

RBM currently has a compound machine dedicated to Rigid PVC (uPVC) Compound. This machine was installed in 2018 at the same time as we installed our new Flexible PVC Compound Line.

This line utilizes an automated batching system, meaning we get repeatability on our Rigid PVC Compound batch after batch.

The compounder itself is a specifically designed two stage compounder, meaning the material produced is of the highest quality, allowing for ease of processing at the customer end.

Products/MarketsWe currently produce PVC Material for