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RBM Plastics was founded in 1964, and has been manufacturing locally, in Australia, for over 50 years. We are still a family owned business, with the 4th generation currently leading the company into the future. With our two divisions, being Custom Profile Extrusion and Custom PVC Compounding, we will have all of your requirements covered.

RBM Plastics is located centrally in Silverwater, Sydney, NSW, with a modern manufacturing facility using state of the art technology and equipment.


RBM Plastic Extrusions has a substantial internal Custom PVC Compounds Manufacturing Division. The facility was originally commissioned to supply our Custom Profile Extrusions Division with the range of PVC Compounds needed to satisfy our customers’ requirements.In recent years, our Compounds Division has grown significantly on the back of major investments in new plant and equipment, to become one of Australia’s leading compound specialists. Today, we manufacture a wide range of specialist and general purpose PVC Compounds in both Rigid PVC and Flexible PVC (or unplasticised and plasticised PVC) for a wide range of industries such as other Custom Profile Extruders, Injection Moulders, Blow Moulders and the wire & cable industry.


RBM Plastics originally started off as a Custom Profile Extruder, and we are proud to say that this is still a very big part of our business. We have been extruding profile and tubing for over 50 years, and over that time have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge, tooling, and experience. We currently manufacture over 5,000 different profiles and tubes, using a wide range of materials, for a wide range of industries. We are continuing to invest in new technologies and processes, so that we can provide the most up to date production facility that we can for our clients.

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    We are more than happy to try and assist with your enquiry, and if we can’t assist with the manufacture of it we can try and assist in find someone who can help. If you have a drawing of the profile you are looking for please email this as a PDF to info@rbmplastics.com.au and we will come back to you with some details as soon as we can.

    Our customer service team will be in contact with you as soon as possible on receipt of your enquiry.

    Services & Solutions


    From concept to production, RBM Plastics can assist with the development of your custom profile or tubing


    We are proud to continue to manufacturing locally, in Australia!

    Material Selection

    RBM Plastics can assist with selection of the correct polymer for your requirements.


    Located in Silverwater, Sydney, NSW, on over 9000 sqm, with the latest in extrusion and compound technology, we have the area and equipment to assist.

    Custom PVC Compounding

    RBM Plastics can assist with the development of your custom PVC material, formulated to your required application


    We have our own TWO trucks that service the Sydney & Newcastle area, and have good working relationships with transport companies allowing us to service Australia Wide, as well as internationally