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RBM Plastic Extrusions Pty Ltd was founded in 1964, and has been manufacturing locally, in Australia, for over 50 years. We are still a family-owned business, with the 4th generation currently leading the company into the future. With our two divisions, being Custom Profile Extrusion and Custom PVC Compounding, we will have all of your requirements covered. RBM Plastics is located centrally in Silverwater, Sydney, NSW, with a modern manufacturing facility using state of the art technology and equipment.

RBM Plastics has a Quality Management System in place that is accredited to ISO9001. We highly value our reputation for quality and service with the plastic manufacturing industry.

Over the years, RBM Plastics has grown both through organic growth and strategic bolt on acquisitions, and will continue to grow under the same methods into the future.

RBM Plastics signed truck in front of RBM's ndustrial site



Reversible Belts and Mats Pty Ltd is incorporated

in New South Wales, manufacturing rubber floor matting

Fred McWilliam acquires Reversible Belts and Mats

as the original owners default on a loan that they owe him

Fred transfers ownership to his son Ian McWilliam


Peter McWilliam acquires shares in Reversible Belts and Mats

after the death of his father, Ian McWilliam

RBM Plastic Extrusions Pty Ltd is incorporated

After significant increases in the cost of the rubber profile being purchased from Dunlop Rubber, Peter McWilliam develops an extrusion process, extruding soft flexible PVC, and as such RBM Plastic Extrusions Pty Ltd is incorporated.

Tony McWilliam commences employment with RBM Plastics


Significant Investment in Compound division

to upgrade our compounding ability, allowing RBM Plastics to not only service their significant extrusion division, but to also start supply into the market for other users of flexible PVC Compound

Purchase of Paramount Plastics in Vic


K Weld Rubber is purchased by RBM Plastics

They produce fridge door gasket seals

Tony McWilliam purchases all shares in RBM Plastics and associated companies


Expansion of compounding division

Installation of 2 x new compounding lines giving RBM Plastics the ability to produce Rigid PVC Compound


At RBM Plastics we are committed to our environment, and are dedicated to constantly looking to improve our policies and procedures to be more environmentally conscientious as well as being ethically responsible.

RBM Plastics aims to ensure that environmental consideration is given throughout all phases of the manufacturing process, and currently have a number of procedures in place to sustain our environmental commitment. We constantly make use of any scrap polymer that is generated during production, as well as recycling a range of polymers.

RBM Plastics is currently a participant in the PVC Stewardship program that is run by the Vinyl Council of Australia, achieving Gold Excellence in this program for several years.

RBM Plastics complies with the requirements for registration as a licensee of the Best Environmental Practise PVC Trademark, and as such can use this Trademark.

RBM Plastics is committed towards zero pellet loss under the Operation Clean Sweep program.

We understand the significance of ensuring that we are running a sustainable manufacturing operation, and have therefore ensured that we take appropriate actions such as 

  • Complying with environmental standards, legislations, regulations and codes of practice

  • Applying the principles of LEAN manufacturing, resulting in the efficient use of energy, the minimisation of waste, recycling of materials and the prevention of pollution.

  • Incorporating environmental factors into planning and operational decisions as well as manufacturing processes.

  • Continuously seeking to improve and prevent pollution with our processes.


RBM Plastic Extrusions pride themselves on being a privately owned family business, manufacturing locally in Australia.

Tony McWilliam commenced employment at RBM Plastics when he was just 17 years old, and following in his footsteps Tony’s two sons, Alex and Nick, both commenced employment whilst at high school as well.

Research and Development are at the forefront of RBM Plastics business model. Machines are being purchased from around the world and products are being developed to open RBM to different industries and markets.

With decades of knowledge between the McWilliam boys and our strong team at RBM Plastics, we strive to always keep up with innovation and the latest technologies.