Marine Products

Marine Products

Jetty and Marine Fenders

RBM Plastics manufacture a wide range of Jetty and Marine Fenders to suit most applications. Our marine Fenders are made from a specially formulated soft polymer that is hard wearing and durable, but gentle on your boat, offering the customer maximum protection for your investment.

RBM Plastics Fenders are simple and effective, they are designed for easy fixing to your vessel, jetty or pylon. Our fenders are coloured white for high visibility in all conditions, although we are also able to manufacture in many colours and can colour match to the customers needs.

To avoid the hardening and cracking that occurs with prolonged exposure to the sun, RBM Plastics Fenders are UV stabilised for a longer life.

You will also be pleasantly surprised to find that RBM Plastics fenders cost less than rubber whilst offering better performance characteristics.

Boat Gunwale

RBM Plastics manufacture a range of Boat Gunwale to suit all types of boats from an aluminium runabout to a large cruiser

Our gunwale is made from long lasting PVC, which is also UV stabilised for a longer life.