About RBM Plastics


RBM Plastic Extrusions Pty Ltd was founded in 1964, and is one of the largest privately owned plastic extrusion manufacturing companies in Australia. RBM Plastics specialises in the extrusion of a wide range of plastic profiles, magnetic profiles and plastic tubing using a variety of polymers.

RBM Plastics has a Quality Management System in place that is accredited to ISO 9001:2008. Our expertise in the design and manufacture of Tooling, including Extrusion Dies and Calibrators, enables us to provide consistent quality and close tolerances on our extruded products.

Over the years, RBM Plastics has acquired a number of competitors in the plastics extrusion industry, and continue to build our business through both ‘organic growth’ and strategic ‘bolt on’ acquisitions.

In early 2012, we merged our Victorian Paramount Plastics Extrusion Operation into our main manufacturing operation in Sydney, which has resulted in increased efficiencies as well as a diversified range of equipment and increased capacity.

As well as extruding a wide range of profiles and tubing, RBM Plastics specialise in the manufacture of Flexible PVC Compound and Coloured Masterbatches. We have one of the most modern compound manufacturing plants in Australia and have implemented a computer controlled batching and mixing operation, which provides consistent quality throughout batch-to-batch mixes.

RBM Plastics manufacture over 5,000 different extruded profiles and tubes, which are used in many industries. We are able to manufacture our profiles from a range of polymers to suit specific applications.

We are continually investing in the latest technology so we can provide up to date production facilities for our clients.

At RBM Plastics we provide a full service from design concept to finished product.

  • Tooling – from sourcing the best steel to create a custom die to match your profile, or selecting the best match from over 5,000 dies in our database
  • Material Selection – our expert team will be able to let you know the most appropriate material for the profile you require, we can also co-extrude profiles using more than one material.
  • Extrusion – Our team at RBM Plastics prides themselves on producing a top quality product; we are not satisfied until you are 100% happy with the overall finish of the end product.
  • Packaging – We are able to pack product into printed boxes, wind product onto wooden or plastic spools or coil and stack product onto pallets. All our packaging ensures that the product gets to you or your client in the best way possible without damaging the goods
  • After sales service – Our staff are on hand to answer any questions regarding sales, invoicing or general enquiries.

A Proud Family Business

RBM Plastic Extrusions pride themselves on being a privately owned family business.

Tony McWilliam commenced employment at RBM Plastics when he was just 17 years old, and following in his footsteps Tony’s two sons, Alex and Nick, both commenced employment when they were 17 years old.

In 2010, Tony McWilliam purchased all the shares in the business from the family and since then has been running a successful manufacturing company with his two sons, thus projecting the business into a 5th generation family run company.

Research and Development are at the forefront of RBM Plastics business model. Machines are being purchased from around the world and products are being developed to open RBM to different industries and markets.

Goal setting makes up a big part of the company and daily meetings between the family members help to problem solve at each step of the way to reach the goal.

With decades of knowledge between the McWilliam boys and our strong team at RBM Plastics, we strive to always keep up with innovation and the latest technologies.

Environmental Commitment

At RBM Plastics we are committed to our environment, and are dedicated to constantly looking to improve our policies and procedures to be more environmentally conscientious as well as being ethically responsible.

RBM Plastics aims to ensure that environmental consideration is given throughout all phases of the manufacturing process, and currently have a number of procedures in place to sustain our environmental commitment. We constantly make use of any scrap polymer that is generated during production, as well as recycling a range of polymers.

It is RBM Plastics key objective to create a sustainable business through environmental consideration and ethical compliance. We have implemented numerous policies whereby pollution and wastes are constantly being monitored and actions are taken when needed.

As a sustainable business, RBM Plastics is committed to –

  • Complying with environmental standards, legislations, regulations and codes of practice
  • Applying the principles of LEAN manufacturing, resulting in the efficient use of energy, the minimisation of waste, recycling of materials and the prevention of pollution.
  • Incorporating environmental factors into planning and operational decisions as well as manufacturing processes.
  • Continuously seeking to improve and prevent pollution with our processes.